Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello Old Friend

Ok so my commitment to blogging was rather short lived and quite pathetic.  It was kind of like a craft project to me.  And I often start them and then not finish them.  I've got a grocery bag full of half finished projects.  Very sad.  O well.  Anyways I'm going to try and start things up again.  This truly could be a great outlet for me!  I try to talk about my projects and my love of sewing with people but lets be honest.  Most people don't sew anymore!  So its hard to find someone else who can relate or are as excited about it as I am.  So here I can talk(write) about it as much as I want to!

First I am going to start with a little update on me and my family.  Six months ago we moved.  We moved right down the street from my sister.  And I've loved being so close to her!  I don't know what I would do without her.  But unfortunately things haven't worked out here.  I am very sad about that!  I won't go into details because I've already been a pretty poor sport about it all!  Thankfully our landlord is AWESOME! He had another home open up and he offered it to us.  What a great guy!  So we have spent the last couple months fixing it up and will be moving in soon.  Hopefully within the next week or two!  Its all been so overwhelming and I am so sad that I won't be right down the street from my sister anymore but we are looking forward to a bigger yard, awesome hardwood floors(thanks to my husbands handywork) and a bigger kitchen and more space to store stuff.  So I'm sad and excited at the same time.  Despite the stress of this my family is doing pretty well.  We are all healthy(well christian broke his finger).  My husband and I recently celebrated our fifth anniversary! 

Despite all of the craziness around here I have manage to fit in some sewing.  Not much but a little.  I have yet to take pictures of the finished products so I will try to do that soon and then put the pictures up.  Mostly I've been working on clothing for Maggie.  A couple dresses and skirts for the spring and summer.  I did make a pair of pants for Alex which he loves.  But boys are hard to sew for! 

And I've started a couple projects fromthis awesome book!  If you are at all into sewing I would check it out!  It has some really adorable patterns.  I made a doll from the eddie pattern in the book.  Here is a picture of hers.  Its like a thousand times better than mine but Alex loved it anyways and took off with it before I could even finish his face.  Maggie calls it the naughty doll because in the book it shows eddie sitting next to some crayons in front of a drawn on wall. 

Well hopefully next time I post I will have pictures to show you! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)