Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Busy Day

Again tonight I will not be working on anything.  :(  I know I'm a bum.  Sorry.  But really it has been a long day.  I had to be at church early and then we stay late(ish).  I helped my sister clean up a bit.  I helped clean the Men's bathroom.  Boys are gross.  You instinctually know this when you were young but then one day you fall madly in love with a boy and you forget that they are gross and germy.  Cleaning the boys bathroom today I was reminded how yucky they truely are.  :)

After that was youth group.  And I have to say that I have a great group!!!  I am so excited about them and so proud as well.  God has big plans for them!  I know it! 

Just a couple of my youth group members at Amp It.

I managed to squeeze in some time with Alex and Christian before youth group today and we tried to teach Alex some sweet skateboarding moves. :) 
This is another old project.  I made a few of these as christmas presents this year.  They are called bagskets and you can find the tutorial here
I really liked them and plan to make some more of them with a couple changes.  I think they could be used for all kinds of things.  Anyways check it out. 

Tomorrow I do believe I will have something new to show you!  I am recovering couch cushions for my nana.  Not the most exciting project but very useful!  I will show off the finished results!

God Bless!
Bri Bee

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Old projects

Hello everyone out there!  I had planned on writing on this blog every night.  And I thought I would write about whatever project I worked on the previous night.  As it turns out things don't always work out as planned!  But instead I got to spend some time with the girls last night and the night before that I spent time with my wonderful hubby.

This is My husband Aaron.  :)  I love him so! 

Anyways...  Because I didn't do anything new I thought I'd post pics of some old stuff.  Hopefully someone reading this is new and this won't be totally boring for you :/  Here Goes:
This is a little messenger bag that I made for my friend's daughter.  This I actually made without a pattern.  As excited as I was its really just a bunch of rectangles. 
This is a doll I made for Maggie with the Kit Chloe and Louis Pattern from the wee wonderfuls shop

While you are there check out her blog!!!  I love it.  I also love some of her other patterns.  Someday I will have to try another but I have to say that this one was top notch!  Easy to follow for a newbie like me!

This is Alex's Christmas monkey that I made following the Molly Monkey pattern that you can find here    I just converted it to the boy monkey.  If I were u though I would spend the money and buy the pattern for Mikey instead.  Comes with patterns for some neat little accesories.  I can't wait to try her baby binky bunny pattern.  SO CUTE! 

And here is a diaper cake that I made.  I've made several and out of all of them this was my favorite.  Also took the most time.  Go figure.  I rolled up some baby onsies and socks and hats to look like flowers and mixed it with some silk flowers and I really like the results!  I would love to sell these things but I don't really know how to go about that.

Well I have a lot of things I could show you as well but I believe this post may be getting a bit long.  I also figured I should probably save some things for another day when I don't have anything new to post. 

Enjoy your weekend!
Bri Bee

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I just started this because I thought what the heck why not! I can write about all of my crafting exploits and if people don't want to read it that is fine but I still have somewhere to talk about it all.
So these are my monkeys.  Cute huh!  I think so.  For those of you out there with toddlers you know how stinkin hard it is to get 2 of them to sit still at the same time.  I got lucky for this picture because they both climbed into the chair without me asking and I was lucky enough to have the camera in my hand!

So a little more about me.  I am new at a lot of things.  Like sewing for example.  I love it though.  I begged for a sewing machine for christmas when I was in jr high.  Or maybe I was a freshman.  Anyways I got it(thank you mommy!)  and then only used it once or twice.  Until this past halloween when my sister made my daughter a costume.  I then felt bad because Alex would have been stuck with a stinky boring store bought costume.  I broke out the sewing machine and LOVED the results and have been sewing ever since.  Can't believe I ever hid my poor machine away and let it get dusty.  What was I thinking! 

Now that I am sewing all the time I have been trying all kinds of new stuff.  Dolls, clothing, notebook covers, flax seed heating pads.  All kinds of stuff.  I have to admit I'm not terribly creative so I go online and search for tutorials.  Maybe I'll show off some of the stuff I made!

Until next time have a great week!!!
Bri Bee