Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Busy Day

Again tonight I will not be working on anything.  :(  I know I'm a bum.  Sorry.  But really it has been a long day.  I had to be at church early and then we stay late(ish).  I helped my sister clean up a bit.  I helped clean the Men's bathroom.  Boys are gross.  You instinctually know this when you were young but then one day you fall madly in love with a boy and you forget that they are gross and germy.  Cleaning the boys bathroom today I was reminded how yucky they truely are.  :)

After that was youth group.  And I have to say that I have a great group!!!  I am so excited about them and so proud as well.  God has big plans for them!  I know it! 

Just a couple of my youth group members at Amp It.

I managed to squeeze in some time with Alex and Christian before youth group today and we tried to teach Alex some sweet skateboarding moves. :) 
This is another old project.  I made a few of these as christmas presents this year.  They are called bagskets and you can find the tutorial here
I really liked them and plan to make some more of them with a couple changes.  I think they could be used for all kinds of things.  Anyways check it out. 

Tomorrow I do believe I will have something new to show you!  I am recovering couch cushions for my nana.  Not the most exciting project but very useful!  I will show off the finished results!

God Bless!
Bri Bee

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