Thursday, July 15, 2010

Christmas in July?

So I'm starting to make Christmas gifts already. Sounds crazy but when you want to do a "handmade holiday" You need to start early. Last year before Christmas was insane for me! Way to many projects going and not nearly enough time. And who wants to be sleep deprived and stressed out during the holiday season. I'd much rather enjoy myself. BUT I keep getting distracted :( While I should be working on all of the other projects I'm working on something fun for Maggie. She told me she wanted a baby carrier. So I started and finished it today.
OK well not completely finished but almost.  I made the straps REALLY long.  I always go overboard with that kind of thing.  But anyways I'll have her try it on tomorrow and then cut the straps accordingly.  The color scheme is blinding.  I know.  But I let Maggie choose and this was it.  She knows what she wants!  It is made like a Mei Tei carrier.  And it is a bit rough as I didn't use a pattern and Have never made one of these.  And I padded the straps so that it would be a little more sturdy and despite the crazy colors I think the padding makes it look more like the real thing.
This is a started project.  It will be a newborn gown.  I can't finish it yet because I don't have enough fabric for the sleeves.  I cut these pieces from a t-shirt of mine.  I loved this shirt but it was way to small for me. Anyways hopefully it will be a nice gift for a little boy. 

And the other Christmas project I am working on I don't have any pictures for :(  But I'm using this tutorial for a fabric alphabet magnets.  I love this one and will probably make 2 sets.  One for my niece and one for my own daughter.  It is a great way to get rid of some scraps of fabric.

And one more exciting thing happened.  Grandpa Ed(Maggie calls him Grandpa head)  Brought these books for me.
They came from Snook :)  And I'm so grateful for them.  I'm sure that I will put them to good use!  I'm especially happy about the needle crafts book. 

OH and one more thing!  I need to take a moment to praise my hubby.  Last night I went to bed REALLY late.  Much later than usual.  And then the kids woke up REALLY early.  Go figure.  And I was just having a rough day in general (we all have those right?)  Anyways I think he could tell that too from talking to me on the phone.  While he was at work he found babysitters for the kids so that we can have a date night tomorrow.  Isn't that sweet?  He knew just what I needed.  

I am so blessed to have such a great husband and family :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
Bri Bee 

Here is a picture of Maggie with the carrier.  Please excuse the bed head.  We just woke up :) By the time I got the camera out I couldn't get her to smile nicely. But when I showed it to her and let her try it on this morning she was smiling from ear to ear!
She tells me she was smelling her babies head.  Two pictures later she informed me that she was done taking pictures like a spoiled model or something.  Gees.  Its a good thing she is so cute.  

Baby brother is now demanding one.  I get to pic the fabric this time :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another day, Another Dress

My daughter LOVES dresses.  We have a dress for just about everyday of the week and when given a choice 95% of the time she will pick a dress.  And to mix it up a bit she might throw on a pair of jeans or shorts or maybe even a skirt underneath it.  Her "sense of style" is a constant source or entertainment for me. 

Just recently this lovely tutorial became available.  I love making stuff for my little girl and this dress was irresistible.  Seriously!  And I used all stuff that I had on hand!  So no trip to the craft store (actually I'm a little sad about that)  I just raided my hubby's t-shirts.  And I found a lightly used t-shirt that he had 3 of!  Who needs three of the EXACT SAME SHIRT!?  No variation in color or anything...  I cut into it and immediately felt guilty.  I should have asked my wonderful husband.  But in the end he is such a great guy.  Turns out that they weren't all the exact same.  I unknowingly picked the one that was not the right size.  But even before figuring that out he was not even a tiny bit mad at me.  He is much nice than I because I know that if he just went digging through my clothing and cut up one of my shirts I would be upset! 

SOOOOO I have two pictures of this dress and neither of them are very good.  One is a rear view because Maggie was in no mood to stop long enough for a photo and the other is after it was worn and it is all wrinkly.  Also I haven't quite figured out how to embellish it.  Any suggestions?  Fabric flower?  A splash of fabric paint??  Some embroidery?  I Just can't decide.  I picked this particular shirt not only because there were 3 of them but because it was be so "easy" to embellish but now there are too many options and I like all of the options :(   Typical me... I can't make up my mind. 
Here it is from behind on an ugly Sat morning on the way to the Myerstown farmers Market.
And here it is from the front :)  The pictures do not do it justice.  It is quite cute on her.  But oh well.  I will try bribing with candy the next time so that I can get a better picture.  I plan on making several of these!  Perhaps even some as gifts.  Even if I have to buy a shirt to make it I can still do it for well under $5.  Gotta love that.

Quick note about the farmers market that I previously mentioned.  It is new.  And how very disappointing!  The produce was very expensive!  and there were only 6 or so vendors.  Even so my husband couldn't resist this lovely jar of yummy goodness.

I will admit that I was excited because it is local.  I'm kind of a sucker for local goods and handmade stuff.  Can anyone blame me? 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!
Bri Bee