Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another day, Another Dress

My daughter LOVES dresses.  We have a dress for just about everyday of the week and when given a choice 95% of the time she will pick a dress.  And to mix it up a bit she might throw on a pair of jeans or shorts or maybe even a skirt underneath it.  Her "sense of style" is a constant source or entertainment for me. 

Just recently this lovely tutorial became available.  I love making stuff for my little girl and this dress was irresistible.  Seriously!  And I used all stuff that I had on hand!  So no trip to the craft store (actually I'm a little sad about that)  I just raided my hubby's t-shirts.  And I found a lightly used t-shirt that he had 3 of!  Who needs three of the EXACT SAME SHIRT!?  No variation in color or anything...  I cut into it and immediately felt guilty.  I should have asked my wonderful husband.  But in the end he is such a great guy.  Turns out that they weren't all the exact same.  I unknowingly picked the one that was not the right size.  But even before figuring that out he was not even a tiny bit mad at me.  He is much nice than I because I know that if he just went digging through my clothing and cut up one of my shirts I would be upset! 

SOOOOO I have two pictures of this dress and neither of them are very good.  One is a rear view because Maggie was in no mood to stop long enough for a photo and the other is after it was worn and it is all wrinkly.  Also I haven't quite figured out how to embellish it.  Any suggestions?  Fabric flower?  A splash of fabric paint??  Some embroidery?  I Just can't decide.  I picked this particular shirt not only because there were 3 of them but because it was be so "easy" to embellish but now there are too many options and I like all of the options :(   Typical me... I can't make up my mind. 
Here it is from behind on an ugly Sat morning on the way to the Myerstown farmers Market.
And here it is from the front :)  The pictures do not do it justice.  It is quite cute on her.  But oh well.  I will try bribing with candy the next time so that I can get a better picture.  I plan on making several of these!  Perhaps even some as gifts.  Even if I have to buy a shirt to make it I can still do it for well under $5.  Gotta love that.

Quick note about the farmers market that I previously mentioned.  It is new.  And how very disappointing!  The produce was very expensive!  and there were only 6 or so vendors.  Even so my husband couldn't resist this lovely jar of yummy goodness.

I will admit that I was excited because it is local.  I'm kind of a sucker for local goods and handmade stuff.  Can anyone blame me? 

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!
Bri Bee


  1. Love LOVE LOOOOOVE the dress!!!

  2. I love this dress. It looks so comfy on Maggie, but yet has that "something special" with the shoulder bow. I think a flower garden across the bottom hem would be pretty and then a butterfly! You know. sprigs of grass and then some random flowers.

    Love, Mom