Friday, June 18, 2010

Result of changed plans

So as I was saying earlier... things never go as planned.  Sometimes they go mostly as planned but not exactly as planned.  Tomorrow night was supposed to be girls night out and it was to celebrate some birthdays.  I was going to spend tonight making birthday gifts.  Unfortunately girls night was cancelled. 

So the good news is that because girls night was cancelled I have more time to work on birthday gifts and could therefore push that off for another day.  And so tonight I made this instead.
I got to make the baby shoes after all.  :)  What is awesome is the very small amount of fabric needed for this project.  So I was able to use some scraps for this.  Some deliciously soft cotton inside and some cute but more durable canvas on the outside.  :)  I wish that my top stitching was a little more straight but I can live with the results.
Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!  I'm thinking about getting my nose pierced but I can already feel myself chickening out...
God bless!
Bri Bee

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