Friday, June 11, 2010

Birth Story (a day late)

Let me start by saying that this post is off to a rough start.  I am thoroughly irritated!!!  I started off looking for the pictures on my computer and then freaked when I couldn't find them.  Only to remember that I had them all on a Kodak Picture cd.  So then I located that.  Then I had to figure out how to use the dang pictures.  I ended up having to download software because I couldn't figure out how to do it without it.  GRRRRR!  I am so annoyed with it all.  But in the end I'm thrilled and I have really enjoyed browsing all of the lovely pictures of my darling Maggie when she was a newbie :)
Ok so I'm not going to write my whole birth story because it is really long but I would like to share some pictures of the day my life changed.  :)

Ok this is not actually the day.  This is the day after a failed induction.  Yep you heard me right.  Failed induction.  Until this day I did not even know that there was such a thing.  Yikes.  That sucked.  This is my REALLY dissapointed face.  It is no fun sleeping all not in the hospital hearing other babies being born  and knowing that you are going to have to go home the next morning still pregnant.
This is moments after she was born.  I have other "better" pictures but they well all rather inapropriate.  Well honestly I don't mind if everyone sees them but I know that not everyone wants to see that.  lol.  ANYWAYS... Look how happy my husband is!  That is the best part of this picture :) 

And here she is!  Awwww  The first thing that I noticed was her dimples!  lol.  I still remember how she felt when they handed her to me.  So warm and a little wet still but so very soft. 
Its hard to see her all bundled but this is one of our first breastfeeding sessions.  I'm so glad my husband took this.  It was such a beautiful moment.  BUT can you see how freaking swollen I was.  Gees.  I felt like I would pop.  I remember being in the hospital and thinking that even my eyelids and eyeballs felt swollen.  That was aweful.

And this is my absolute favorite picture of Maggie as a baby.  It was her first night and she was laying in her hospital basinet and she looked right at me.  It was perfect. 

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