Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday gifts

Hello everyone.  Its been a busy couple of weeks doing a little of this and a little of that.  Holidays spent with family and time spent with my own little family.  And well not much time for creating :(  O well.  As much as I enjoy sewing I enjoy my family so much more. 

Anyways the latest project was a birthday gift for my daughter who is turning 3 on wednesday!  I can't believe it.  I'm going to have to post some birth pics wednesday.  For some people pictures like that don't mean much.  But that was a defining moment in my life.  The moment when EVERYTHING changed.  lol.  And I mean everything.  Ok ok I've gotten off subject.  Maybe I will allow myself to gush and perhaps even tell the birth story another day. 

Back to the birthday present.  You will have to ignore a few things:
1. Maggie picked the princess fabric and the polka dots and I was left trying to figure out how to pull it together.  Honestly that didn't work out too well.  I don't think my 3 yr old will care that it clashes though.

2. It is already dirty.  I don't have a seperate room or even a seperate area to sew.  Soooo my projects don't really have a safe place and so it has been played with when mommy wasn't paying attention.  Spackle on the ribbon(story for another day) and a mistery blue stain on the princess fabric.

3.Well you will have to forgive a lot of other little things.  My first of things is often pretty bad but then the second and third time are usually pretty great.  So I am very glad that I have a great family that loves me and my projects as flawed as they often are.

This is the open view with nothing in it :)  See the strange and out of place pale pink with brown dots.  O well.

And here it is with the paper pad in it.  The left side has a flat pocket that I will use for stickers and stuff like that.   The right side is another pocket that I will use for crayons or pens or those plastic scissors with no metal blade(you would be suprised what they will cut when you put a determined 2 yr old behind them) and maybe a glue stick if I know I will be able to watch her VERY CLOSELY.

And this is the outside once it is folded up.  I've left the ribbon really long because I can't decide how short I want it.  lol.  Silly right?  Also in retrospect I have no idea what made me decide to put that particular word on the outside.  hmm.  I mean I guess I do really want her to enjoy this but why didn't I put her name on it or something.  Well she can't read yet and she probably won't even ask me what it says. 

So now Maggie will have a place to keep some paper and crayons and stickers when we go bye byes.  :)  Hopefully it will be as usefull as I think it should be...
And here is my almost 3 yr old looking like a moody teenager.  Why am I posting this picture?  Well I just couldn't help myself. :)  I have many others that I want to post but I'll save them for another day.


  1. Wow! You are definitely your mother's daughter. I love the the birthday gift idea. Think I just might have to copy that one for some of my grandbabies.

    Darlene Seger

  2. Lol.....Thanks Darlene. I consider that an awesome compliment, but I will say that my lovely daughter has already surpassed my creative abilities!!! You should see the cushion covers she made for Mom's couch. They look like they were done by an apholsterer (sp). And Briana, I hope you plan to post that incredible picture with her smiling that was taken the same day as the one above. It was absolutely beautiful!! Lorraine Jackson

  3. Thanks Darlene! I must admit that the idea isn't all that original. Mine different than the ones I have seen. They are really nice to take along for a long car ride or out to eat or to church... you get the point.
    And mom thanks for the wonderful compliment but the covers were unfortunately pretty flawed. Thankfully the flaws are on the back of the cushion so no one will see them.

  4. Looks great Briana! You are very talented and have some GREAT ideas-I think the gift will be perfect for the car! See ya on Saturday :-)